Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, Day 22, Monday

We have made it to the west coast. As far west as you can go. We left Woodland this am and drove through the Capay Valley to Hwy 20 to head for  Ft. Bragg. We saw more beautiful country. Lots of orchards - many almond orchards, walnuts, olives, prunes; lots of vineyards, big sunflower fields, some lavender, safflower, and lots of star thistle!! After we got on 20 we found many areas that have recently in the past cpl years burned. Sad to see.  The vegetation is quite dry and it wouldn't take much to start a fire again. There are many Cal Fire buildings with trucks standing by. We saw a herd of buffalo that was interesting. Clear Lake was beautiful. It's very big. was like glass on much of it but not many boats on it. Not sure why. Looked perfect for skiing. It was 100 when we left the valley, got up to 106 at a couple of points until we came to Willits. It's 33 miles from Ft. Bragg, but a mountain range divides it. We drove through redwood trees and other evergreens on a winding road. Took an hour to go those 33 miles and when we reached Ft. Bragg it was 60 degrees. It was warm in the sun but as soon as the sun went down, it was down right chillly. Wanted to have the window of the motel open so we could hear the ocean but it's too cold. We had a great dinner at the Wharf tonight under the bridge in Noyo Harbor.  Will post pictures tomorrow. It's getting late and I'm tired and ready to sleep. Need to transfer pictures from phone and camera to computer before I can post them.
It's been a good day seeing and remembering the times we have visited here.  First time was 22 years ago. Same motel...........It's always good to be at Ft. Bragg.  And they have a quilt store here!! 
Nite all. <3

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