Friday, July 4, 2014

July 3, Day 25, Thursday

This am I went to Chico to do some genealogy research and to get some groceries and take pictures. I didn't find out what I was looking for. Unfortunately the people that know the answers to my questions have all passed on. Wish I had asked my questions a long time ago.  I did visit the cemetery where my parents are buried. Today is their wedding anniversay.
Here is a picture of the high school that my kids attended a "few" years ago.

Back to Orland.  Had a good dinner of spareribs.  Going to need to go on a diet when we get home. Only a few more days left before we have to head for Tennessee. Not really looking forward to the long drive home. Hope we don't run into any wild fires.  With the holiday weekend coming up, there will probably be more fires.  Already several going.  Everything is so dry it's inevitable. More tomorrow after our crab lunch!! Nite all.

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