Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6, Day 28, Sunday - Last Day in California

It's time to head home already. We had a very nice day visiting with some family before we hit the road. Our grandson and his family drove about 100 miles to visit one more time. A special treat for us. Eric, Nicole, Triton, and Tiana Cox.  Was sure good to see them.  They are cuties!
One of Lon's cousins and his wife, Mike and Denise Olivera,  also stopped by to say goodbye. They brought us a wonderful  "care package" to take with us on our trip home.  A very sweet thing to do for us. We have enjoyed seeing them again this trip.
For dinner we had to have Round Table Pizza - a favorite of ours. Nothing like Round Table pizza!!! Chicken and Garlic Gourmet .   YUM!

Laundry is done, bags are packed almost, everything is ready  to load in the car in the morning. We plan to stop by Lisa's house in Chico to see her for a few minutes, get the car washed, and head to Almanor to see my sister, Jackie for a few minutes and then on to Reno and hopefully Elko by tomorrow evening. We have decided to go back on Interstate 80/70. Will decide if we are going to go down to Oklahoma City and go in on 40 or continue on 70 to St. Louis, etc. A few days before we have to make that decision. Hate to leave here but will be good to get home. Just hoping the weather holds until we get to Tennessee!! Stay tuned for more updates......... .......:-)

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