Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, Day 33, Friday

Almost home!! We have about 5-6 hours of driving left. We are in Lebanon, Illinois just outside of St. Louis. We are staying in a Best Western Inn. Not a handicap equipped room so not as big as manythat we have been in. The one last night in Junction City was huge.  This morning as we left Junction City we tried to find one cemetery that my great grand parents are buried in. Never could find it. So drove out in the country 5 miles looking for the other one with great grand parents. We found the cemetery and I found my grandfather's brother and his wife my grandmother's sister. Was unable to locate my great grandparents Tracy tho. The markers would be very old and maybe aren't even there. I did find some very old markers but not for Tracy. But it was worth the drive out there. The countryside was so beautiful with green gently rolling hills.  I sprayed my feet good with bug spray before tromping through the grass. Didn't want any chigger bites!!!

 On the way out of Junction City we went by Ft. Riley, an army base.  the eastern part of Kansas is much different than the western part of the state. It was green hills and many trees. Very pretty.
We made it through Kansas City without too much traffic. That place is enormous. It goes on forever! We arrived in Columbia, MO around 4pm so stopped at a Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Had the BEST steak we've had in a long time. Columbia is Nascar driver Carl Edwards' home town. 

Since we had eaten early and weren't too tired we drove through St. Louis and on to Lebanon, Illinois. We should be able to make it home in 5-6 hours tomorrow. Lon will probably sleep for a whole day!!  He is breathing better now at the lower elevations.  Gets winded some with exertion but not nearly as bad as in the high country.
It's been a wonderful trip filled with lots of memory-making events. We've seen a LOT of people, and a LOT of different places. Can't believe a whole month has passed. Will try to post tomorrow after we get home and settled. Take care. Nite.   The moon is gorgeous. Almost full!!
P.S. I forgot to mention that we have gone from 8% humidity in California to 84% here tonight.  Can sure feel the change!!

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