Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12, Day 34, Saturday HOME!

We left the St. Louis, MO. area this am. Actually, we were in Lebanon, IL. We drove through more beautiful country -southern Illinois. We went east to Mt. Vernon and then drove south on Hwy 57 to connect with Interstate 24 north of Paducah.  There is a fabulous quilt store in Paducah - Hancock's of Paducah.  Can't go through Paducah without stopping at this store!!! I got several pieces of fabric, most of which were on sale being end of bolt pieces. there were so many beautiful fabrics! Hard to control myself :-)
We got home about 5:30pm, very tired but very happy and thankful to be home. Cricket was over-joyed!! She looks healthy and happy.  She had good care while we were gone. Took a while to get the car unloaded. It was very warm in the garage and we had a lot of stuff in the car!!
Lon did well on the whole trip. He is tired tonight but is doing OK. He held up well for all the miles we traveled - 6352 miles!! We have a very dirty car with bugs from several states.  It's nice to see the gas prices at $3.39.  California prices were as high as $4.13+. 
We had a wonderful trip. A lot of wonderful memories to carry with us.
Thanks to all who helped make our trip one to remember and to those who helped keep our home going while we were gone including taking good care of Cricket.
Lon has a dr. appt on Tuesday. He will get his bone strengthening shot and prepare to start chemo. Hoping that he will tolerate it well.
I have enjoyed writing about our trip and hope that those of you who have followed us enjoyed reading about the trip. I will try to occasionally post about updates on Lon's health but probably won't be a daily posting at this point. Thanks to all of you for your comments.  Carol and Lon


  1. Finally on my computer so I can comment! Glad your trip was so great and that Lon did well. Was good to see you guys. Will you continue to use this blog to post on as you mentioned you will re Lon's health? I've enjoyed reading the daily events and the foods you ate . Sending and it wants me to select a profile---don't know which to click--doesn't make sense to me. I'll do anonymous but this is Jackie!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Was fun to do and a good way to have a record of what we did. I'm going to try to keep using it if I have anything to write!! You can use your google account but anonymous works fine if you sign it so I know who it's from