Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 5, Day 27, Saturday

What  fun day we had today. We drove up to the westside foothills to visit Lon's cousin, Mavis and her husband Glen. The hills are a golden brown. Even the star thistle is kind of dry. But it's pretty with the oak trees, cattle resting under them to avoid the heat. Almost all of the small creeks are dry. The valley has a haze of smoke hanging over it. Several wild fires are burning. Below is a picture of the hay bales as they are in California. In the background you can barely see Mt. Lassen. No snow visible on it. It's the bump on the mountain rim.



Mavis fixed a nice lunch for us. I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast before we left home. After our visit, we drove around the countryside a bit looking at ranches that had belonged to Lon's family in the past. We also stopped at the Paskenta Cemetery to take pictures of a few grave markers. It was 101 deg so we didn't stay out of the car for long.
We came back to Corning to stop at the Olive Pit store and shop at Safeway briefly. A stop at the casino in Corning to gamble a little and have a light dinner. Then home to sister Dee's.
Lon didn't get a nap in today so he was tired by the time we got home.  So he is in bed and I'm going there just as soon as this finished and uploaded. One more full day here before we start our trek home. Lon said this am it is "sweet and sour" - meaning bitter sweet LOL!! It will be good to get home but is difficult to leave family and friends and familiar areas.
Nite all. 

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