Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, Day 30, Tuesday

Today was a GOOD day!! We left Winnemucca, NV about 10 am and headed east. It was already warm and going to get hot. But the air conditioner in the car works great so no worries. Some pictures of Winnemucca.


 A Methodist Church across the street from the Winners Hotel and Casino. We didn't eat breakfast before leaving so by the time we got to Elko we were ready for lunch. Had a nice lunch at the Red Lion Hotel and Casino. We played about 10 minutes after eating and won enough to pay for our lunch and have some left over. It was pretty warm all the way across Nevada and Utah. It was 100 crossing the salt flats. Saw some mirages that made the landscape look surreal! Made mountains look like they were floating. We hit Salt Lake City at the end of rush hour, needing to fill up with gas. Took a chance on an exit and lucked out finding a service station. No signs. And got back on Hwy 80 headed east without problems. Thank you Siri's sister :-)
By the time we reached Wyoming it had cooled to 88. We saw some of the most beautiful country. The area around Park City, Utah was gorgeous.  We could see where there are ski slopes in the winter time. And some enormous homes!  
We are staying in the same motel and same room that we had on our way to California. We are in Evanston, WY at the Best Western. I went to the restaurant and got take out dinners. The elevation is 6700 feet so Lon was conserving his energy. He did pretty well with his breathing. Only got winded a couple of times. This is a picture in the lobby of the motel.

Lon kept saying that he wanted to see some wildlife as we were driving. He actually did get to see a live antelope as we entered Wyoming.
So far we have travelled 4600+ miles. Only about 1600 more to go unless we take any side trips!  I'm headed for bed. We are on Mountain Time now so lost an hour. Not sure where we go back to Central Time. More tomorrow if possible. Nite all.

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