Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, Day 29, Monday- Day of Departure

This has been an emotional, difficult day but we have made it to Winnemucca, Nev. to stay for the night. We wanted to make it to Elko, NV but got a late start and were too tired to go farther. We started out the day saying goodbye to Lon's sister Dee and Mom Velma. We have been with them off and on since the 23rd of June. We had a wonderful visit. Was hard to leave. This photo was early in the morning and they didn't want their picture taken so I warned them it would be on the blog so not to be ugly!! They did good.  :-)
We went to Chico and stopped to visit Lisa and part of her family. As always, goodbyes are hard. Had a nice visit with them. Then left to get the car washed before we took off. Had gotten a free car wash when we had the car serviced at Toyota. So we drove clear across town just to find out the car wash was down for repairs.
So we left Chico for Lake Almanor to see my sister Jackie and her son and his girlfriend and family. The trip up Hwy 32 was beautiful as always. Deer Creek is low but still pretty. Had a little road construction but didn't have to wait long.

There is a rock formation that is visible in one spot on the road. We always say hello to Smoky!! So had to take his picture this time. Bye Smokey!!

Once in Chester, we stopped at a favorite restaurant, the Pine Shack Frosty.  Apparently a favorite of a lot of other people as well because they were VERY busy! They have great hamburgers, and the best milk shakes - many, many flavors.  We met Jackie et al there and had lunch and visited for a bit and then left for the start of our trip. About 5 miles out of town I was stopped by the CHP. He gave me a ticket for speeding!! UGH! Like I said at the beginning of this, it's been a difficult day.  So he took off ahead of me.  A ways down the road, he was stopped on the other side of the road and after I passed him, he pulled out and followed me a long way. It didn't go over 55 after he stopped me, but there were several other cars that passed me just before he pulled out behind me the second time. It didn't seem to bother him that they were going over the speed limit. Maybe he didn't like the out of state plates!!  Maybe my getting stopped had a purpose - to make it a little easier to leave CA!! Anyway, the rest of the day went fine. When we arrived in Nevada the speed limit went to 75 so I was good with that!!  It was windy and some dust was blowing, and temps 100 across Nev. We had a good dinner and Lon is sleeping already. I will be right behind him. Not sure how far we will get tomorrow. Will be glad to get back down to lower elevation. Probably won't make that tomorrow tho. I need to get my feet up. Between sitting for hours, the heat and the elevation, my feet are quite puffy. Plus restaurant foods are salty.
Tomorrow will be a good day!!

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