Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, Day 31, Wednesday

Today was a long travel day. We left Evanston Wyoming at 11am. It is near the Utah border so we drove across Wyoming to Laramie and then went south to Denver which is where we are tonight. We saw lots and lots of beautiful country. Much of it we saw going to California but it looks so different coming back the other way. Here is a picture of a pronghorn that I took in the motel this am. This is what Lon saw yesterday. Today we saw a couple of different groups of them quite near the highway. We also saw a herd of elk a little distance from the highway but distinguishable.
Well, I guess I can't upload a picture. It won't go.  Will have to add the pictures tomorrow. They have free wifi - they didn't say fast wifi!!!
The trucking industry is alive and well on Interstate 80 across Utah and Wyoming.  There were very few passenger cars most of the way until we hit the Denver area. But there were a ton of trucks!!!
There were storms in the area that we could see but we never ran into them. Hopefully we won't run into any of them tomorrow. Looks like there are storms across Kansas on Hwy 70 where we will be going. UGH!! But the car does need a good washing.  Lots of bugs and dust. 
We are at the Best Western Inn at Denver International Airport. but the airport is a few miles away. They shuttle people to the airport from here. We both are tired tonight. Lon is sleeping already.  I'm going now also. Sorry about now pictures tonight. Take care. <3

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