Monday, June 30, 2014

June 28 and 29, Day 20 and 21, Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning we left sister Dee's home and drove down the westside of the Sacramento Valley.  It was clear and beautiful. The landscape is a golden brown and very dry. But also beautiful in it's own way. The rolling hills look like velvet. These hills are Lon's old stomping grounds. We drove by the cemetery where all of his Luce family is buried. Then on past his old homeplace.
We stopped in Elk Creek where he went to school and lived part of the time. We had lunch at the Elkhorn Restaurant - and old hang out for him and his friends. We met his sister Dee, his mom, his cousin Juanita and her husband, and some old school mates. Was a super lunch and a wonderful time for Lon to catch up on the "gossip" of the small town of Elk Creek. He had 7 in his graduating class!!


The above picture is Lon's mother amused watching his cousin Juanita try to control her club sandwich!! They were very large - and good. :-)
We left Elk Creek after visiting for awhile and drove down the road to another small town for a short visit with his cousin Bud. They grew up together and who knows what trouble they got into!!
We drove more country roads to get back to the valley and to my sister's home where we had dinner with her and family.

Jack rotisseried ?sp a fresh ham. It was very good. Jackie's home and yard are always so beautiful. We finally got to Woodland about 9pm to check in to the motel - Shadow Inn Best Western for 2 nights.
This morning (Sunday) we slept in. It was dark in the room and quiet and the bed was comfortable.  We got up and went shopping and then to Jackie's for some much needed visting and another wonderful dinner. We sewed, and did computer/picture stuff while Lon watched baseball and napped. When he got up and sat in the recliner their dog, Carley, had to get in his lap!!  She's such a great dog.

I have taken a lot of pictures of the area that I could share, but I don't want to overload this.

We came back to the motel full as ticks, and tired. Ready to hit the sack. In fact, Lon is sleeping already.  What a good day it was!! Tomorrow it's supposed to be 108 here so we are headed for the coast - Ft. Bragg. Will be there 2 days. It's in the low 60's so hope we have warm enough clothes! Might have to go shopping again :-) The car is going to be even more loaded when we head home than when we started out.  More later. Take care.

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