Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2107
Today is Monday, an overcast, damp day. It has rained a lot in the past week. About 6" in the Nashville area. On a positive note, everything has turned green. The lawn (weeds) are growing rapidly. I mowed a week ago on Saturday and by Wednesday some areas needed to be cut again. I should have mowed Saturday because it's looking pretty shaggy, but it rained all weekend. Hopefully this week will see some sunshine and drying out. Just heard on TV that by Friday there may be some severe weather again in this area (meaning the south). Am planning a trip to Moorehead, KY with Tina, Salem, Paisley, and Sharon Harris for the state power tumbling meet.  Hope the weather is good. Looking forward to it.

The above picture was taken a couple of years ago. The doily was made by my mother, Luella Tracy just before Brooking was born. So that would have been late 1999 or early 2000. There are 2 girls on it representing Krista and Irion Peterson. The heart in the middle is Brooking (gender not known at the time!).

Just posting something to see if I remember how to do it. Will try to post more when I go on my California trip in May.