Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 24 and 25, Day 16 and 17, Tuesday and Wednesday

Wednesday am. We have 3000+ miles on the car so far this trip! Time to get the car serviced!! We are staying at Lon's sister's home in Orland, California.  Yesterday (Tuesday) we went to Chico (our home town) and visited with Lon's step daughter and her family. Had lunch and got to see all the kids and grandkids. While Lon visited with Lisa, I went shopping!! Found a quilt store that I hadn't been to before - can you believe it?? The Rabbit Hole.  They have lots of beautiful fabric, and all the other things a quilter could wish for.

The weather has been nice.  Hot and dry (85 today, next week 105!)  but I'm glad to see the sunshine!! Here's a view from Dee's front porch of her street. 

I had a couple of hours to shop so I went to the Chico Mall, Raley's grocery store, and Costco to get lamb chops for dinner tonight. Can't wait to have them!!
We are being lazy today. Visiting with Lon's mom who came back home yesterday. Haven't made any further plans. Just short little trips around the area this week. Then next week may go to the coast.
That's all for now.  <3


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  1. Lambchops! Now Pete will be jealous. ;) Having no big travel plans sounds like it might be a relief for a few days after what ya'll have accomplished. Relax and enjoy!-Lucinda