Friday, June 27, 2014

June 26 & 27, Day 18 and 19, Thursday and Friday

Thursday was a busy day. We left Orland  to  go to Chico about 1130. Lon needed a haircut so he went to his old barber that he used to see before we moved to TN 12 years ago. They had a nice visit.

We had lunch at a favorite restaurant from the past - Italian Cottage. Lon had a pastrami & cheese. I had a meatball sandwich. Just a good as we remembered. Still have sawdust on the floor.
We had made plans to visit with my brother and his family. Was good to see them. Sit on their back patio, view their beautiful yard, have a cool drink and visit.

The car needed a bath badly. Had bugs on there from Wyoming and Utah, etc. it looked so pretty when they finished.
We had intended to go back to Orland but were able to connect with some old friends and ended up having dinner at another favorite restaurant, La Hacienda. They have the BEST dressing for their salads. It's a "secret recipe" but they do sell it now. Was afraid it wouldn't be good by the time we get back to TN so refrained from buying some!!

We had left Lon's mom to fend for herself so got back to Orland just in time for her to go to bed. She is pretty independent for 95!! Was a good day.
Today, Friday, we are sitting in the lounge at Chuck Patterson Toyota in Chico having the car serviced - 5000 mile check up. It had about 150 miles on it when we bought it in April on Good Friday! We got a card for a free car wash at the place we used yesterday!! May need to use it before we leave for home. :-)
We drove to Lake Oroville and Oroville Dam. Took pictures of the low water!!

Then we drove to Durham where I grew up. Took lots of pictures of old familiar sites. Many places were not there any more. And many places were hard to recognize because of the trees getting so big. The high school where I went is gone - replaced by a new building. Also the elementary school (was Grammar School when I went there). Here is a picture of the remains of my old Grammar School. 

A good day.  Lon came home and took a nap!  Now getting ready to fix dinner - pork chops!

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