Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12 Day 4

On our way into Ruston, LA last night we saw a big billboard on the highway that said "The Fabric Shop" so this am we went looking for it. Got caught in some road construction and our Siri guide got us almost there and then said she didn't have specific details about the turns so couldn't help us!! Great! So we went around in a circle but finally found it.  Was a real nice store. Very friendly staff. Bought some fabric - of course!  Lon sat at a sewing machine and patiently waited for me :-) He's gotten used to doing that. Rushton is a college town - home to Louisiana Tech.

  A little way down Interstate 20 we stopped in Grambling for gas. That's the home of Grambling University. From there we headed to Lake Bistineau to visit friends. They live in a very rural area southeast of Shreveport, LA. Once again our Siri friend got us out in the middle of nowhere and then said she didn't have specific turns to tell us. We found them finally after travelling some "not much traveled roads"!! We had a nice visit with them. Lon got to go for a ride in Johnny's hotrod!

Here is a view from their front deck. Beautiful setting.

 It was getting late in the afternoon so we headed to Shreveport and then on to Marshall where we are tonight. At a Hamptons Inn. Nice handicap accessible room. These rooms are nice because they have grab bars in convenient locations especially in the bathroom. Plus the toilet is raised. (Probably too much information but maybe some useful information for any who have limited mobility).  Lon was tired tonight. He didn't get a nap today again so was ready for bed very early. Weather is good. Thought we were going to get some storm today but it missed us fortunately. Seems every day there is weather on the radar that looks threatening. This area has gotten a lot of water recently - water that I am sure California would love to have!! Tomorrow we will drive to Dallas by around noon. Then a couple of days rest for Lon.  Take care.  More news (or ramblings) tomorrow.  <3


  1. Carol-I'm on the PC now so thot I'd send a comment and see if you get it! that looks like a really nice place! Jackie

  2. Love the pictures and stories, mom! Who'd have thought YOU would stop at a fabric store??!??
    Love & prayers for safe travels, great weather, and lots wonderful memories!

  3. Looking good in that fancy car, Lon! -Lucinda