Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 11 - Day 3

It's been a good day today. We checked out of The Goldstrike Hotel this am about 11 and headed to Louisiana.  Stopped to fill up the gas tank and headed out per directions from Siri's counterpart in the car navigation system. She took the shortest route which wasn't Interstate 55. A funny side note: just after we left Tunica, I had to put on the brakes kind of quickly. That shifted the suitcase forward. All of a sudden we heard a fan or motor in the back seat and couldn't figure out what was going on. So when I could  finally pull off the road to stop, I found that the suitcase had hit the heater/cooler fan button on the back seat end of the console and turned the fan on high!! Didn't even know there was one there!! :-)    The road was good and we saw a lot of beautiful country. I don't think I have ever seen so many hundreds of acres of row crops.(some we recognized, others we did not!) Also saw a lot of standing water.  Had lunch in Cleveland, Mississippi. For Brandon: I think this is John Deere country.....saw several huge dealerships. I even took a picture for you :-)
Soon we were in Arkansas and crossing the Mississippi River. Yes, it was muddy. We heard in Monroe that they have had 15" of rain in the last 2 weeks. The gardener at one of the hotels was pulling out plants and replacing them. Said they had drowned!!


This bridge was very interesting in design.  It wasn't long before we were in Louisiana. Arriving directly in Monroe rather than on Interstate 20 farther east like I thought we would. All the motels/hotels in Monroe were full. I wanted to stay in Monroe so I could take pictures of signs, etc.  because my kids' grandpa was born there. We went across another river that separates Monroe from West Monroe thinking we could get a room there. No luck. All rooms were full. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are their busy days. Are filled with business people and corporations. There was a quilt shop I wanted to visit and wanted to look up The Duck Commanders' Warehouse, etc. But we drove farther west to Ruston, LA. We had dinner at The Log Cabin Grill and Market. An interesting place and the food was sooo good. Very large portions. Had to get a "to go" box. Good thing Cricket - our dog- didn't know we had left overs!! That's her favorite part of us going out to dinner.


Lon is doing well. Got some exercise today when he pushed his wheelchair from the room out to the parking lot. Doing leg exercises in the car periodically. He didn't get a nap today in the car. I don't think it's my driving.........or if he is afraid he might miss something!! So he is in bed early tonight. Not sure what our plans are for tomorrow yet except that we will head toward Shreveport, LA. I think there is more threat of bad weather tomorrow evening here so will probably have to drive through some weather tomorrow. Wish it could be like today was. We even saw the sun!!
I have heard from 2 people that they have tried to comment on these posts but are not able to get them to post. I don't see any comments posted other than one I posted as a test. I think I have the settings correct for people to comment so if any of you are bloggers and have any suggestions I am open. Would like to be able to see what is written in comments. Take care. Have a good day. Stay tuned! <3

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