Friday, June 20, 2014

June 18 and 19 Days 10 & 11 Wednesday and Thursday

Oh my! The days are starting to run together. As of this afternoon we have travelled 2600+ miles.  Yesterday morning (Wednesday) we were in Denver. Left there and drove to Cheyenne Wyoming on I25 where we connected with I80 (the road that will take us to Reno eventually). Went through Laramie, Rawlins, and on to Evanston. I had no idea that the country was at such a high elevation. 6500 feet to above 8000 feet at a summit. We stayed in Evanston, WY which was 6749 feet. Lon didn't tolerate the high elevation very well. Was short of breath with any walking. So he was glad to get back down to lower elevations in Salt Lake and beyond. We saw some beautiful country tho. Wish I could have gotten more pictures of the rock formations. I saw lots of names of places that I recognized from the past but had no idea where they were. Snowbird, Alta, etc.

 I was pleasantly surprised to find the speed limit in Utah was 80 miles per hour. It has been 75 most of the way except for road construction. We crossed the continental divide (in 2 different places??) and today saw the Great Salt Lake and the salt flats. We stopped in Wendover Utah/Nevada for lunch.
When we got to Elko, Nevada we exited the freeway (much to the dismay of Siri's sister) and drove through town. I lived there when my son was born in 1969 so was fun to see the town and reminisce. It has certainly grown from when I lived there. But much is still the same.  We are in Winnemucca, NV tonight. It's warm here. Was 85 when we arrived. I forgot to mention that in Evanston, WY it was cold and the whole trip across Wyoming was in 50's and upper 40's. A shock after having had 90-100 degree weather in Kansas with high humidity. Evanston was low humidity and 35 degrees this am. Glad I brought a sweat shirt!!
It's been quite windy most of the way the last couple of days. Gas prices are climbing as we get closer to California.
We are now on Pacific time. Takes some adjusting. Lon was in bed at 9:30!! He rested some in the car today, might have slept a few minutes, but didn't really get his good nap in.  We will leave here tomorrow and travel to Sparks, NV and stay at the Nugget Hotel. Then on to Chester for a night and a visit with my sis and niece. Can't wait to see them.
I'm ready to hit the hay. Take care. Love to all. <3

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  1. It would be interesting to go see the town Pete was born in. Was just thinking about Elko as I was preparing our birth certificates for Morgan the other day. She is starting a chapter of "Children of the American Revolution." Going to put our kids in it together.