Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10 Day 2

Yesterday we left home after Lon's dr. appt. He got his "bone strengthening shot" and we headed for Tunica. Most of the drive was uneventful. Then we hit Memphis area at rush hour in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. I asked a man at a gas station if there were any warnings. He said yes. A tornado warning. I asked what area. He said all of the area, waving his arms widely!!  Fortunately most of the traffic was headed the opposite direction of us, but there was still quite a few cars in the middle of the downpours. I think they said there was about 3" of rain. So we didn't get into Tunica until late evening. Tired, hungry and ready to sleep. Our original plan was to stay one night but we extended our stay one more night with the threat of more severe weather today if headed south. We will leave here tomorrow am and head for Shreveport, LA. Lon had a nice long nap today so he is rested.
We will be in Dallas for Father's day so Lon can spend that day with his daughter, Natalie. I don't have any pictures to post except a couple of the nice handicapped bathroom so will refrain from posting them :-) The view out of our window is the top of the parking garage. We are at the Goldstrike Hotel and Casino. Nice room.  I hope you are able to post comments if you choose to. Or you can call or text if can't post a comment. <3

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  1. We have enjoyed following you on your trip. hope you get this , it is my first blog. Tried sending you a comment the other day, couldn't get it to send. Have a great time...Don/Bille