Monday, June 23, 2014

June 22 and 23, Day 14 & 15 Sunday and Monday

Sunday morning we awoke to clear blue skies, a gentle breeze through the pine trees and the clean scent of pine in  Chester, CA.  We kind of slept in so had to hurry a little to get showered and packed up and out by 11:00.  We went out to North Shore Campground by Lake Almanor for a short visit with my sister, Jackie. We sat on the deck and enjoyed to view of the lake.
We drove around the campground to check out the space where we had a trailer for several years on Skunk Road! From "our" side of the campground Mt. Lassen is visible. There isn't much snow on the mountain but at least there is some. The lake is low but not as low as we have seen it in the past. There is a major drought going on in California so there is concern with the forests being dry and the humidity very low. Was 8% in Chester over the weekend. Compared to Tennessee ---  that's dry!!

After a great visit with Jackie, we stopped in Chester at the Lassen Gift Shop which used to be Lassen Drug Store. Was glad to see they still have the soda fountain! We each had a dish of ice cream. It was a real treat as a kid growing up to go in and have a milkshake at the fountain. They were served with a spoon b/c they were so thick. My kids' grandpa worked at Ayoob's across the street and he would treat my sister and me to a shake (a long time ago!)


We drove down Hwy 32 (Deer Creek Highway) to Chico. It is so beautiful! A curvy road, but so pretty next to the creek. Should have stopped to take pictures.  We got to Dee's house about 4pm.(Lon's sister)  Was good to see her. Was time to relax. Lon and Dee went to bed about 9pm (much too early for me!)
Today is Dee's birthday so a couple of cousins and friends came over at lunch time. Had a "salad lunch" and chili beans. Was fun listening to the cousins reminisce about their "growing up" years. Dee is driving to Fresno tomorrow to pick up their Mom. So Lon will get to see his (95 year old)  mom again. She has been visiting another daughter in southern California.  We weren't sure if we would get to see her.

Lon, his sister Dee (the birthday girl), and cousin Mavis. Was great to see all of them that came.  It's warm and dry today - 94 degrees, 18% humidity. A little windy. Blue skies.
That's all for today folks! Tune in later for more updates. <3

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  1. Enjoyed seeing the picts of places Pete talks about. will try to show these to him if he hasn't seen them yet.-Lucinda