Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5 Tuesday Chemo Day #2

The time is really flying by. The children in the area are returning to school. Seems very early to me as I didn't start school until after Labor Day. But that was a LONG time ago. Times do change.

Today Lon had the second IV chemotherapy. Prior to the drug they give him IV Benadryl to help prevent side effects plus Zantac oral to help prevent nausea. He slept through most of the treatment and all the way home. Went directly to bed when we got home and is still sleeping. It's been about 4 hours. Hopefully it will wear off soon. They gave him 1/2 of the dose of Benadryl that he had last week with his first treatment. He also slept a long time after that. Guess he is sensitive to Benadryl.

Our hot weather has returned. We have an Air Quality Alert in place until midnight for ground level ozone. It's cloudy and gray but hot. Fortunately, the humidity is not too bad - 35%. Tomorrow the heat AND humidity will return with the threat of thunderstorms. We need rain so it's a trade off.
This picture is from last week at the doctor's treatment room. Same as today.

On Saturday, Aug. 2 we drove to Franklin, KY to have a birthday lunch with Tina and 2 of her kids, Roddick and Paisley. We went to Cracker Barrel. As always, had a great lunch. Roddick and I had trout. It was Sooooo good.  He always orders that! Brandon and Salem were in Columbia selling corn from their field. It is the BEST corn. A bicolor. We have had corn every night since we saw Tina!! Was good to see them because we hadn't seen them since our return from our trip.

We are still missing family and friends in California. We hate to see all the huge fires burning in the beautiful mountains and pray for all who are working the fires and those who are threatened and those who have suffered losses. 

That's all for now folks!!!

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